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The Big Reason Why Harry and Lloyd Can, in Fact, Be Leading Professionals

“Dumb and Dumber” was one heck of a comedy. For several reasons. Yes, it had Jim Carrey at the top of his game, and he was supported by an ever genuine and genius Jeff Daniels; and who doesn’t love a Farrelly Brothers picture as well? Nobody. More so than that, I have to say that the film wasn’t simply a slapstick display of stupidity, something we could all hack and laugh at with fervor and pleasantry.

Rather, this was a film about something so specific, and as a marketer, I can attest to this to great effect. Whatever industry you’re in — maybe you’re a marketer as well, and your plate’s full of tasks you need to accomplish for X amount of clients, and you just want to slap yourself in the head as you feel yourself growing dumber.

What was this film really about? It’s simple:

Harry and Lloyd Were Actual Prodigies!

Harry and Lloyd didn’t know it at all. They may go through their lives not ever knowing it. And for them, that’s okay. But it astonishes me at how genius both of them really were throughout the movie, and the sheer intelligence shows the most over the fact that they were totally oblivious to their iconic supreme mentality.

I make a point here, as usual. Don’t pay too much attention to ‘intelligence.’ What do I mean by that?

Society’s View of Intelligence Is Wrong

Harry and Lloyd didn’t actually have to fit a certain mold to be considered intelligent, basically. If you’re a football jock, make no mistake: you’re not a dunderhead (or even a muscle head). Intelligence isn’t simply measured by test scores or days in school, or especially a piece of paper saying you’ve graduated from Harvard.

In fact, if someone ever calls you “stupid” for any ‘valid’ reason, know that they’re dead wrong. You’re not stupid. Harry and Lloyd, in fact, were never stupid. No one ever is. Get a 15 on your ACT or an 800 on the SAT, and you’re not going to be considered a lesser candidate for a PhD one day. I assure you.

We’re Going to Take Perceptions and Turn Them on Their Heads

Just watch. Seriously. You will be surprised at just how focused you really are — even when you do feel like you’re way off base and on a different planet.

You’d have to be at least somewhat smart like Harry and Lloyd to make the choices they made and somehow find themselves on a highway, stopped by a bus filled with sexy models needing two oil boys to grease them up after each competition.

(Of course, they were dumb enough to actually say no. Lord.)