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Why Fingerprint Analysis Might Help the Real Estate Industry

So you have a hair trigger aimed at your head, what do you do? ….What do you do? Turn around…. You have to love Keanu Reeves with the sinewy muscles and a piece aimed directly at the perp like he’s one bad dude with a passion for fighting crime. Gets your blood boiling. Or perhaps you’re like Jack Bauer in all his craziness, interrogating the latest terrorist with fervor as a countdown goes on for the most recent nuclear bomb located in the middle of a Denny’s, or something like that.

Freeze! This Is the Real Estate Industry! Come Out With Your Hands Up!

real estate fingerprint

Who knew, though, that the real estate market would get that same grittiness, hardcore, “don’t bother trying to break into the house, because you’ll get the beat-down of your life” treatment? Seriously! That’s awesome! Real estate market trends for 2015 have just gotten that much more exciting as we get to see all sorts of keyless entries going on involving biometric fingerprint analysis.

Here’s a better bonus even: ever lost your house keys? Now you don’t even need to worry about it. Get your finger on the scanner, and you’re as good as in. The police would love this form of security like they do body cameras, for instance, and these are locks no burglar could ever figure out unless the burglar was Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. You’d have to know a little bit about numerical algorithms to even think about cracking a code.

Even some systems out there in the real estate industry would allow homeowners the option of tracking all who enter and when. That’s security. You can’t beat that.

It’s All About Safety

You’ve got to love the real estate industry when they emphasize the right stuff, what homeowners care about. Your property. Your livelihood. Your lifestyle. Your well-being. There’s nothing else in the world that would mean that more than when you have the ability to safeguard your property with no chance of breakdown.

Why Fancy Schmancy Real Estate Might Not Bring in the Dough

It’s a common mistake and misconception to think that the pricier your investment, the more money you rake in — although it’s an understandable error on the part of any real estate investor. Think again on whether or not the numbers would be proportional, basically; they won’t. Why? What an investor has to consider is this: it’s not about whether or not the real estate’s going to be appealing to any tenant; instead, an investor has to wonder about the cash flow.

Will the Real Estate Cash Flow Be Positive — or Negative?

This is a question you can ask regardless of the price of the rental home, quality of the rental real estate hot waterhome (specifically related to flipping houses, of course!), or location of the rental home. Hands down. Priority one for any real estate investor is to ensure that the properties actually pay for themselves. This means you’ve got to not only find the right renters, but the right properties aligned with those renters, and believe me when I say this: smart real estate investments don’t just happen overnight.

Case in point: even properties these days at really low prices, such as rent-to-own homes, for example — while getting high demand and visibility in the market — end up not paying for themselves at all. The reason why is due to the fact that the expenses in maintaining rental properties end up choking out the cash flow coming in, and what happens? You, as an investor, are swimming in hot water (and not the dough). And, no, this ain’t no hot tub or jacuzzi.

Don’t Ever Use Your Own Savings to Cover Any Negative Cash Flow, in Other Words

Seriously, that takes the “hot water” metaphor to a whole new level when you think about it.

Here’s some words of advice: go with a moderately priced area when investing in homes. Stay away from the ‘luxury’ stuff. Why? For one thing, even with a higher rent, typically a real estate investor will fork over more presidential flashcards for the more upscale property, leaving the poor sap negative on operations with not enough cash flow to cover the rest of the financial deficiency.

Hence, When Thinking of Positive Cash Flow, Don’t Automatically Think “Higher Rent”

It’s all proportional when you think about it. Be strategic. Look for the homes in high-quality neighborhoods that don’t necessarily sell for the higher prices. Look for those homes that will net you more money in your pocket. That way, the hot water’s not going to burn you. You’ll just relax in the real estate bubbles.